ACEP Emergency Ultrasound IRT 2023 Presentation (Workflow Update, Infection Prevention, Fleet Management, Reminders & Notifications)

EUS ACEP IRT 2023.pdf

ACEP Emergency Ultrasound IRT 2022 Presentation (Workflow and AI)

ACEP IRT 2022 Web version_final.pptx

ACEP Emergency Ultrasound IRT 2021 Presentation (Workflow)

ACEP EUS Workflow survey 2021 Final.pptx

The Ultrasound Director's Toolkit

Dr. Matt Flannigan has put together an excellent set of resources for Ultrasound Directors to help with setting up a program. The following are links to download different components of the Ultrasound Directors Toolkit. 

Ultrasound Machine Feature's List

This list compares and contrasts basic and more advanced ultrasound machine features offered by different ultrasound machine vendors. Click here to obtain the most recent version. For more information on this list, please contact Matt Flannigan,